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(Article) Awstats Explaination. What are Visitor, Visit, Page View, Bounce Rate and Hit. Read This Article

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Hello World,

Firstly, i would like to brief explain what is the terms of how much audiences in broadcast (television) industry and how much readers in newspaper industry. Term Rating is useful for broadcast/television industry while Term Circulation is useful for newspaper and magazine industries. Then, what is term in online industry ?

The term in online industry is called Traffic. It’s the term for how much your website’s visitors. Why it’s called Traffic ? Imagine this, THE INTERNET just like road, street while websites/blogs/etc just like buildings such as malls, offices, houses, etc. That’s why it’s called TRAFFIC.


Awstats is a fitur when we have our own website to show statistic of our website performance. Contains much graphs, charts, etc that shows how much our website’s visitors, readers or even only views. Look below screenshot of my (this AWSTATS this date (May 15 2023) :

Read below to understand those the graph’s column variables


HIT is how much request to your website’s hosting provider after somebody click your website. Including pictures or files in your website. HIT always the most much amount than page views, unique visitors or visits. One visit could result a dozen or even tens of hits. The HIT is the raw data that usually useful to compare among websites, to know it’s traffic or popularity.

PAGES (Page Views)

Page Views (PV) is how much your website’s pages viewed by people visits. It’s usually lower amount than HIT. And it’s more much than Unique Visit coz an unique visitor may could visits your website twice or more in a month.

It could indicate how good your website is. It could indicate engagement or how much your website being liked by visitors. This page view is considered as how much your website’s contents or article being liked by your website’s visitors or being read or even only viewed.

Then, write more articles day by day or week by week to increase your website’s contents. May your website has much engagements from visits. You can do it!


The Unique Visitors shows or inform you about how much persons that have visited or even only views your website in one month. Some say it as people that had visited your website twice or more. The more much amount means your website is good website or in other words, your website is famous.


Number of Visits is how much visits come to your website while it’s not Unique Visitors (UV). It’s more much than UV coz an unique visitor may could visit your website twice or more. This is to inform you how much visits from UV to your website.


Bounce Rate is the average procentage from Total UV with Total Page Views of your website. The calculation is (from the above graph) = (1439 : 44594)x100% = 3,2268%. The smaller number indicates the better your website progress.

It uses by search engine to know how good quality of your website. The better quality a website could indexed by search engine to be in first 5 pages of search engines. But, it’s not the only one variable that search engines use to show a website in their first 5 pages.

Then, keep writing. Write good quality contents to smaller your website’s BR. The more articles of your website could lower your website’s BR. Thus, it could increase probabilty of your website to be indexed by search engines. Moreover your website would be shown to 5 first pages of search engines which mean would getting more viewers. You can do it!

…Okay, that’s all this article…
…May this article benefits you and me…
..Thank you for read…