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Why My Services ?

I’m proud to provide you my expertises with very friendly fee. Since my passion is play my desktop computer for couple tens years. Then, after my father passed away on Oct 2018, i’m becoming more aware of life, it’s not to only for ourselves but also to be beneficials for much people.

Since 10-15 years ago, I’m inspired by an Hadist from Muhammad PBUH that the gist of it says “Be a Better Person”. Plus Aristotle says “I do this (Positive Deeds) because of Philosophy while some others because of Fear of The Laws.” Then, what is my own motto or my own philosophy ?

“Be a Better Person. Do Good Deeds and Good Deeds would Come to You. So then, ultimately, hopefully, we may deserve The Heaven, Amien…”

If you interested to hire me then don’t hesitate to contact me. Looking for longterm bussiness or employment relationship that benefits both of us. Waiting for text me or WhatsApp me.